All GET based endpoints that return a list of resources support pagination. The default pageSize is 20. If not specified returned all data matching the criteria for maximum of 6 months.

Query Parameters

pageSizeintegerThe number of results to retrieve. Must be between 1 and 250 (inclusive). Default value is 20.
pageNointegerThe position to start the results at. The first result has a position of 0. Default value is 0.


PageSizeintegerThe number of results that this page was limited to.
PageNointegerThe position of the first result retrieved for this page.
TotalPagesintegerThe total number of pages matching the given criteria.
PaymentResponseListarrayA page of matching results. This may be a subset of the total.

Example Request

cURL \
  -H 'API-KEY: < F978D6E8-387B-46F1-9CA4-4F6E0B35634D >' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json'

Example Response

    "pageNo": 10,
    "pageSize": 20,
    "totalPages": 10,
    "paymentResponseList":  [
    "responseCode": 200,
    "errorCode": null,
    "errorMessage": null